product demonstrations

A product demo video cuts to the chase; it clearly shows your audience what your product does and how it will benefit them. Not only that, but a product demo video will reach out to your audience and give your business the exposure it deserves.

Johnstone and Jeff

Here's a 'How its made' product demonstration Video from J&J

Air Conditioner Box Opener

Here's a novel way to show customers how to set up their Air Conditioner from Inventor Appliances.

The Finest Bird Food

Britain's leading supplier of Bird Food were exhibiting at trade exhibition PATS 2015. They needed a short video programme to go on their video display area. 

We shot this programme in one day and delivered it 5 days later.

Johnston & Jeff Website


The LaserAce® 300 is a high performance handheld reflectorless laser measurement system. The LaserAce® 300 will measure distances up to 300m / 1000’ plus elevation and heights, using the integrated digital inclinometer. The system has been designed for ease of use. Just point and shoot at any target with the aid of the integral red dot aiming scope. Readings immediately appear on the back panel LCD display


Tangerine Confectionery produce the best liquorish products in the UK ... if not the world!

We know, we spent three days filming and testing everything.  Here's the result!



Karonia as a company is built upon surfacing and our related products and services. This core has been built by selecting and working with distributors and manufacturers, forming mutually beneficial working partnerships.

Karonia website



So you get the box home and start to read the instructions....Not any more, just get a cup of coffee watch the 'How to' video and then build your mower with confidence.....So simple, blokes could do it!


Ken Robinson Associates have produced a series of DVD video clips for the 'show and tell' element of the Bill Plant Driving School website.
Using a combination of in-car, on-car and conventional shooting they were able to give learner drivers a visual guide to elements included in the current driving test.

Bill Plant website


An Asian delicatessen specialising in preparing our unique 'Curry Pack' which was invented by our founder, cookery author Rafi Fernandez. Rafi's Curry Packs allow you to bring years of cooking experience to your kitchen.