who's who?

We just love video and film making and our goal, since 1985, has been to produce creative, cost effective audio visual communications for our clients to help them develop their businesses. After 31 years we're still passionate about the power of the moving image.


Ken has been producing industrial and corporate video for more years than he can remember. He is a serial classic car buyer and seller…especially 60's sports cars. He has recently bought a drum kit to try and re-live his youth which was spent touring Europe in a big shirt with his band.

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Helen has quickly become an indispensable member of the KRA team and brings a wealth of editing talent to the organisation. In her spare time she cares for a range of animals including cats, rabbits, rodents and birds. Passionate about music, Helen can be found at various live gigs with her band Void Ship Captains. She is a world authority on the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Nick has been with the company for 15 years and is responsible for making sure all the equipment arrives on set and works! He is a smooth Salsa dancer and can often be found frequenting the Blue Oyster bar with all his chums.

He's currently working on a new project aimed at new musicians. have a look at www.bandsonvideo.co.uk and see what he's up to.

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Bob celebrates his tenth year with the company this year. He looks after all the stuff that the creatives seem to think happens automatically…but he’s not bitter!  When he’s not with us he just seems to disappear into the ether.

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